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solar panel heating :: POOL heating

Swimming pool pumps come in many sizes and shapes. Some are big, some are small, but the most common pumps are three horsepower or less and have two threaded connections at the piping system, where the water is drawn in and then pushed out. This is where leaks can occur. When properly identified and repaired, further damage will be prevented, saving money on repair bills, equipment replacement, and down time.

solar panel swimming pool heating:

Pool Professionals is a South African company that has been installing solar heating for pools for many years – and if anyone knows about the sun, heat and swimming pools, we do!

Your swimming pool is a big (and expensive) investment – so why use it for only 12 weeks a year! By investing in safe, environmentally friendly, efficient solar heating, you’ll find:

Raises your pool’s temperature to just how you like it!

Transfers heat from your roof location into your pool

Custom made panels to suite your roof

Installed in 1 day (swimming the next)

Swimming in April & September will become a pleasant experience.

  • Mid-season averages of 27 degrees (temperature may vary depending on various environmental factors) will make everyday swimming a delight
  • Swimming under the stars will be something other people only dream about.
  • An early morning swim before breakfast will no longer be something you can do only in the tropics.